Auxiliary Equipment for Welding Systems

Enhance the speed, ability, and productivity of yourPHI Automatic Steel Beam Welding Linesby adding auxiliary equipment.

Flange Tilting Device

Flange Tilting DeviceUsed during the manufacturing of “H” beams, the flanges are automatically tilted to a vertical position against magnetic rollers prior to assembly with the web at the tacking fixture. Done in the past manually by one or two operators, this can now be done automatically, reducing manpower requirements.

这个系统是用于焊接倾斜lines without automatic tilting systems provided originally by PHI. This Flange Tilting System is a self contained system that can easily be installed by the customer as an add-on option.

Beam Turning Device

Beam Turning DeviceThis option will enable you to increase production by rotating the beam and welding on both sides of the beam which is required by some building codes.

The turning system consists of frame that straddles the conveyors with lifting cylinders, and a chain driven gear motor. Two frames are provided, one is fixed, the other movable by motor on rails along the length of the conveyors. Maximum travel from the fixed frame will be sufficient to accommodate 15m long beams. The system will be operated from a hydraulic power unit with 15 GPM and 20 HP, with manifolds and valves.

Maximum beam size for turning is: 12.5mm thick web, 1830mm wide. 15m long and 16,000 lbs.

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